Active Candidate Sourcing

The online social networks have transformed how people interact with companies (Social Customer Relationship Management) and present themselves with online profiles. Leveraging social networks such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, XING and Google to find the next super star candidate is what social recruiting software makes possible.

Using Deskflow InterConnect

Many Internet content extractors utilize 3rd party resume extraction software to get the profile information, we use that technology in our job board to reduce the applicant’s apply effort; our social recruiting software solution differs in that it knows how to interact with the profile websites. This enables Deskflow InterConnect to process more profiles more accurately with less recruiter interaction.

InterConnect Process

  1. Start the Deskflow InterConnect from Desktop
  2. Use the Browser or Displayed historical lin to access website
  3. Search, Retrieve one or more Profiles
  4. Extract to Workspace or Scan results if multiple
  5. View export results from Workspace
  6. Mark Profiles to be imported into the Deskflow database
  7. View / manage imported record in Deskflow Enterprise – Profile, Employment, Education, Resume

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Attracting quality candidates is essential, maximizing every lead stream, channel and networking opportunity is key, Deskflow InterConnect, our social recruiting solution enables the cultivating of Internet content into Deskflow Enterprise.

The Deskflow Career Center, our job board solution supports Apply with LinkedIn capabilities for candidates looking for new opportunities. Creating a visible, applicant friendly website is critical for passive candidate sourcing, but how do you maximize LinkedIn and other Internet content actively.

Stale to Fresh with Social Recruiting

Nearly all candidates will have some online profile, be it LinkedIn, Plaxo, XING, etc., keep your applicant pool fresh by supplementing existing information with InterConnect Internet content extraction. Leveraging social networks enables recruiters to locate applicants that want to be found.