Introducing the Responsive Deskflow Career Center. Applying Mobile First design principles, visitors no matter their device or screen resolution will be able to quickly find opportunities and apply.

These links are technology previews of the soon to be released Mobile Deskflow Career Center.

Job Listings

Tiles Job Listing

Rather then rows and columns, blocks and paragraphs of text are used to display information. Looking great on both small and large device screens, visitors can quickly read about opportunities. More importantly, it is easy to filter results.

Table / Grid Job Listing

The traditional table listings of opportunities is but one display option available. Tables require devices with wide screens and while mobile devices can be rotated, this is not the natural usage position. We use a table that is customized to hide specific columns depending upon screen width.

Description & Apply

Reducing the number of website pages that a visitor must load and view to apply becomes especially critical for mobile visitors. The Deskflow Career Center enables this to be done in as little as 2 Clicks.

Deskflow utilizes Sovren’s resume parsing technology that can substantially reduce the amount of information a candidate needs to provide manually. For the purposes of the mobile demonstration, the following sections have not been enabled:

  • Employment Experience
  • Education Accomplishments
  • Cover Letter

Tabbed and Accordion

On a wide screen device, two horizontal tabs will be shown. When on a mobile device / device with less screen width, the interface will switch to accordion.

Embedded Video Clip

Increasing popular are short video clips that can be used to set apart your job descriptions. The video clip can be embedded into the main description or with ease added as a separate tab. One of the truly powerful capabilities is the flexibility that Job Descriptions can have.

Long Description

With basic HTML skills it is possible to create multiple tabs in a job description to make it easier for candidates to read all of the information regardless of the device used. Add company profiles, promotional material, extensive job descriptions that candidates can read if the position appeals to them.