Deskflow Steps to Success : Our Implementation Plan

Workflow International Inc. has refined our Deskflow Enterprise Executive Recruitment software Implementation Plan to ensure that our clients are up and running quickly, their data is good and ready for use and their staff ready to maximize the full potential of Deskflow Enterprise.

Our process is divided into 7 steps.

Step 1 : Information Analysis

  • Identify Success Criteria for each User
  • Collect information on types & volumes of data sources
  • Classify Word mail-merge templates & functions
  • Understand the business needs of each functional area
  • Define roles & responsibilities of all full-time and contract staff
  • Verify that current equipment and network meets requirements
  • Prepare a detailed work-plan and timelines

Step 2 : Pilot Data Conversion

  • Map Data Source and Destination fields. Review & approve Data Conversion Map
  • Design, develop & test the custom data conversion utilities
  • Perform a pilot data conversion of the legacy data & documents
  • Verify the accuracy of the legacy data conversion

Step 3 : Deskflow Implementation

  • Advise IT/Networking Specialist on SQL Server configuration
  • Install converted legacy database on SQL Server
  • Install Deskflow on all required computers
  • Configure & test Deskflow
  • Train Deskflow Administrators

Step 4 : User Training

  • Setup User training schedule
  • Level 1 Training for each group of four users
  • Level 2 Training for each group of four users
  • Level 3 Training for each group of four users
  • Verify that each User’s Requirements have been met
  • Ongoing Phone & Email hotline support

Step 5 : Final Data Conversion

  • Two-day freeze on additions to legacy data
  • Collect legacy data & documents from all sources
  • Convert legacy data & documents to Deskflow
  • Verify accuracy of final converted database
  • Copy final database to Database Server

Step 6 : Go-Live

  • At Go-Live, Users are already trained on pilot data
  • Hotline assistance for Users as required
  • Build a core of experienced Users
  • Achieve User confidence in first week
  • Focus on early data cleanup

Step 7 : Post Implementation Review

  • Assess User confidence, competence and usage
  • Achieve full Deskflow competence for all Users
  • Eliminate knowledge gaps with one-on-one training
  • Verify that Success Criteria of each User has been met