Deskflow Medical

Deskflow Medical is our end-to-end medical recruitment management solution for health care. The product provides intuitive interfaces for Medical Recruiting including Multiple Specialties, Licensing and Credentials, Hospital Profiles and Job Orders. Learn how to maximize your Locum Tenens and Contract Assignments recruiting to grow your recruitment business.

Maximize health care recruitment

Medical Recruitment

Track Schedules

Match candidates to open days with built-in scheduler for Locum Tenens and Contract Assignments

Learn Profiles

Create facility profiles for hospitals and clinics, and develop candidate profiles with multiple specialties

Understand Relationships

Strengthen client and provider relationships and discover new business opportunities.

Does your software provide the following?

  • Single application for all types of medical recruiting
  • Screens designed for Permanent, Locum Tenens and Contract recruiting
  • Dashboard views of all open Job Orders - Permanent, Locum Tenens and Contract
  • Credentialing and Privileging tracking
  • Support for Multiple Specialties
  • Facility Profile for Hospitals and Clinics
  • Support for Multi-Rate Locum Tenens contracts
  • Integrated Calendar and Scheduler for Locum Tenens to match open shifts and positions to providers
  • Web portal and mobile access for timesheet entry and authorization

Extending the functionality and capabilities of Medical Recruitment

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