Deskflow Enterprise

Deskflow Enterprise is a complete line of business application for recruitment management with collaborative work teams. The software manages the entire recruitment process from business development through to placement, with customizable workflow, reports, templates and screens throughout. Deskflow Enterprise works as both customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) software. Considering every aspect of the recruitment process, this application manages all people (candidates and contacts), relationships, companies, projects, job orders/contracts, opportunities, and introductions.

Marketing and recruitment all in one application

Recruit Efficiently

Painless Importing

With features like integrated resume parsing and Outlook and Excel importing, time consuming data entry becomes eliminated.

Powerful Searches

In-depth searches and efficient retrieval of database content eases the process of finding specific data.

Personalized Reports

Companies and users can customize how their data is displayed in reports and templates, to suit their unique needs.

Work Together

Feedback Matters

Every Deskflow Enterprise implementation is tailored to the requirements of a company, always rapidly improving with feedback and discussions.

Collaborative Work

Deskflow Enterprise has been integrated with various third-party applications for collaborative working, including sharing information between Outlook and itself.

Grow Together

As a company grows, Deskflow Enterprise will also. Working with a wide variety of companies, it can be used by startups to large scale enterprises.

Access Everywhere

Deskflow Mobile

Access Deskflow from virtually any browser supported device using Deskflow Mobile.
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Deskflow Career Centre

Integrate with Job Postings and Candidate intake from your company's own website with Deskflow Career Centre.
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Give clients the tools to view and manage selected details of their own positions in DeskflowNow.
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