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These are screen captures from the People portion of Deskflow Enterprise. This is a handful of the screens showing the information being tracked and the capabilities of interacting with a person.

Search fields, resumes, skills and more. Save lists and send emails / mail-merge lists.Search results, sort any column, zoom to detail, print, schedule task, mail merge, review CV'sCreate private and public folders. Merge lists with drag and drop.Create a list, send individual email to each person, archive each email, attach documents to outgoing email.View, edit, send email, write letter, schedule task, add to project, block / unblock.Show all positions that a candidate is suited for. Use available skills to match against required skills.Show many current and previous jobs. Assign job functions / role codes.Application Processor adds resumes and cover letters.Assign skills, filter skills by category, each skill can have many aliases and categories.Degrees, Institutions, Dates, Majors and Comments.List all documents that reference the person. Mail merge, print, 20 document formats.List all activity against the person, detailed notes, record new activity, customized activity types.
  1. Search for People & Build Lists
  2. Browse List of People & Resumes
  3. Save Lists of People in Folders
  4. Mass Email using Word Templates
  5. General Information about a Person
  6. Match Candidate to Client Needs
  7. Employment History for Person
  8. Resumes and Cover Sheets
  9. Skills / Attributes for a Person
  10. Education / Degrees
  11. Documents
  12. Activity History

Search Projects

These are screen captures from the Search Projects portion of Deskflow Enterprise. This is a handful of the screens showing the information being tracked and the capabilities of Search Projects.

Search projects by name, number, client, status, industries, role codes, date ranges, etc.Show key information, client addresses, position details, key dates, partners, etc.List internal team members and roles, introduction and lead teams, list client team members and responsibilities.Multiple invoices per project, capture expense details, calculate billing amount and adjustment.Multiple line items per invoice, capture expense details, calculate invoice total.
  1. Find Search Projects
  2. Search Project Overview
  3. Teams for a Search Project
  4. Billing Summary
  5. Billing – Invoice Items