The Deskflow Career Center is a web-based job posting website and a candidate career portal solution. Deskflow recruitment management solution clients benefit from a seamlessly integrated career portal, highly customizable with multiple application workflows and search engine optimizations and usability features to help your posted opportunities get noticed and reduce applicant abandonment.

The Deskflow Career Centre is primarily a job posting website that enables new candidates to apply and returning candidates to access their existing account information and make modifications. The Career Centre is an entirely parameter driven website, all functionality is configured within the Career Centre administrator.

Why a Seamlessly Integrated Career Portal?

Consistent branding and presentation. Attracting good candidates is difficult enough, having them provide their contact information and resume to a “foreign looking” website is a hurdle we remove. Deskflow Career Center integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNuke and many other smaller content management solutions. Too many career portals are just satisfied with matching font color and font type, we deliver a professional seamless candidate sourcing experience. Why loose candidates because they aren’t sure they are apply to your company or a 3rd party they do not know or trust?

Shortest Clicks to Apply for an Opportunity

A good candidate’s time is valuable. A highly qualified candidate is looking for a specific type of job, the Deskflow Career Center presents opportunities to candidates that enable them to hover over a job and read a brief excerpt. With one more click the candidate can be reading the full job description and applying for the job. Why loose candidates because they have to keep clicking and back stepping and then stepping thru a 7 step application process?

Flexibility in Architecture

The Deskflow Career Center is multi-lingual, supports multi-views on job listings, job detail and application forms and can even support multiple website designs per deployment. Our clients can have English and French job board websites seamlessly matching their main websites with filtered job lists depending upon the targeted candidate.

Minimizing Candidate Application Abandonment

The Deskflow Career Center architecture reduces the number of clicks and time required for a candidate to complete their application process while ensuring that our Applicant Tracking / Recruitment Management software solution with integration of Apply with LinkedIn and real time resume parsing. Recruiters can tailor an application form specifically to job opportunity being presented, get qualified candidates.