The Deskflow Career Center is a very robust highly customizable integrated website solution. Few competitors match our feature set and we are continuously innovating leveraging the latest emerging technologies to maximize our job board / career portal.

Job Board Demo

These two demos should the long way and the shortest way to applying. An applicant’s time is valuable, so while other job board vendors may show off job board search page, jobs listing page and job description page before being able to apply, we’ve compacted this down to 2 clicks.

Just like all Deskflow Recruiting Software, we deliver industry leading executive search software solutions.

Job Board Job Search Page Examples

Sometimes it may be necessary to have filtering / job search options that are more advanced then our top of the page quick filter allows, this is why we still support an incredible number of filter options from maps, to user defined category groups to full text search.

We continue to innovate new ways of simplifying job filter for our clients with large number of active jobs. One thing is true, for all search options, only choices that have active jobs will be available, nothing is more frustrating then returning a search with no matching jobs.

Job Board RSS Feeds and XML Examples

We make it easy for others to consume your jobs and drive traffic back to your site. Content Management Solutions such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla plugins can show RSS feeds right on the main page.

Reducing Job Board Applicant Abandonment

Nothing is worse then loosing a potential applicant, we know the feeling, so how does the Deskflow Career Center reduce this?

On page resume parsing for job boards reduces the amount of time an applicant has to spend re-typing information already contained within their resume / CV. The application process should be as quick and easy as possible, the Deskflow Career Center excels at this.

What was in that Job Description?

Do you remember what you read on the previous page precisely? Why do you expect an applicant to do the same? We offer numerous ways of applying for a job while still seeing the job description.

We deliver innovative and applicant abandonment reducing solutions where applicants can see the job description without requiring a new page load.

Multimedia Job Boards

Video Job Ads, we make it easy. We can explain all the technical details, but if you have a video up on YouTube, Vimeo, Break, etc., we can show it within your job description. Take your job ads to HTML 5 and beyond.

Fancy Job Ads with no HTML knowledge

We have it down to 2 HTML tags, H3 and P, that is all you need for accordions and tabs. A is needed for multimedia. Our WYSIWYG / Microsoft Word like text editor makes it easy to cut and paste your job description and have it ready for your website.

Job Board Job Application Forms

Unlimited number of questions and skills you can ask, tailored to the specific job. Apparently some job boards charge extra for this capability. Below are examples of our application form features and functionality.

We assist all of our clients in determining what features and functionality their application form should request from a quality sourced candidate, contact us and we can tell you the answer to this question.

The Deskflow Career Center is just one piece of our recruiting software solutions suite that will make recruiting professionals more productive.


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