The Deskflow Career Center enables applicants to apply to job opportunities on your custom seamlessly integrated website job board. Candidates should be able to:

  • Search / Filter jobs from one page
  • Use their LinkedIn profile to apply for job postings
  • Submit resume and not have to re-enter information from their resume utilizing real-time resume parsing
  • Update their profile with more current resume, address, biographical info, employment history, education achievements and skills
  • See previously applied for job opportunities
  • Start applying in 2 clicks
  • A General Application form for candidates that would like to provide you their information
  • Find your site easy to use

A seamless integration with your main website is more then just having the same appearance, it is about having a natural navigational path. Bilingual websites should have bilingual job boards / bilingual candidate career portals with only relevant opportunities being listed. An English website should not display a French job description and vise versa. Deskflow Career Center an infinite number of sub / specialized job boards.

Specialized job boards can be used for creating C-Suite job boards, creating an exclusive executive search job listing, enabling executive applicants to quickly apply with a streamlined application form vs. other positions that may have more prerequisite skills. A specialized job board can be replicated with a job search page (and still can), our solution just saves the candidate time.

The Deskflow Career Center is tailored to how candidates navigate your website, you know your customers best, once at the Deskflow Career Center, we do our best to prevent applicant application abandonment.

How many website page links should a candidate click to apply? Find out at Sourcing Quality Candidates