The purpose of a job board is for potential candidates to find jobs that are suited well for themselves and if unable to, complete a general application so that your recruiters have their information within Deskflow Enterprise (an end to end recruitment management solution). To gain a new candidate you must have:

  • Attracted a great potential applicant to company website
  • Applicant finds the company job board / career portal

The primary purpose of a job board / candidate care portal is to get the applicant’s resume. Every feature, every webpage, every piece of content should guide the applicant to that end. When evaluating job board website solutions, the features that are most important are the ones that get applicant resumes. Secondarily, candidate retention and drip communication.

9 Ways to Frustrate an Applicant and 9 Solutions

1. Vague or Misleading Job Titles

Applicants having to click a link to read a full job description, then click back because the job was not of interest to them.

Solution for Vague or Misleading Job Titles

Make job titles accurate, they should describe the job to attract the most qualified applicant. Titles are usually also anchor text, ideal for SEO.

2. Job Searches by Categories with No Results

Intelligent job search forms are critical, just because you have handled opportunities in 50 industry categories but presently only have opportunities in 5, the other 45 should not be shown.

Solution : Smart Job Search Form

Show only categories and choices that there are active positions for. Provide a General Application form for candidates that want to give you their information.

3. Long List of Jobs / Opportunities

Even with filtering results, lists can be long, candidates naturally rank the opportunities, a job list should enable this.

Solution : Grouping and Sorting

Columns can be sorted and grouped. Ideal for industry sorting and regional grouping. Save candidates time by finding relevant opportunities quickly.

4. Lack of Job Description Summaries

The more clicks a candidate must perform, the more likely they will abandon applying process. A detailed job description is fantastic, maximizing the information shown in the first 300 characters is critical (that’s two Twitter posts in length max), sell the job opportunity in 300 characters, explain it after.

Solution for Job Descriptions

Hovering the mouse over a job title will display a brief excerpt of the job description, keep the mouse over the job description and the full job description will be displayed.

5. What did the Job Description say?

The applicant reads the job description then clicks the apply now button, starts filling in the application, but needs to reference the job description, do they? Open up another browser window; Remember to cut and paste description into a word processor; Back browse and loose application form entry?

Solution : Show Job Descriptions

The split page layout enables the candidate to apply for an opportunity while reading the job description on the same page. Alternatively, applicants can pop-up the job description on the full page application form without having to leave the page.

6. 7 Steps to Apply for a Job

Want to increase your rate of applicant abandonment, make the process seam like a never ending journey. Force the candidate to enter the information piece by piece and make revisions painful. Also some solutions expect the candidate to complete the process in a certain amount of time.

Solution : Single Page Application Forms

A single page enables applicants to see exactly the information they will be required to provide and gather the information. No surprises, no time restrictions, ability to quickly make changes.

7. Resume and Data Entry Duplication

Nothing is more time consuming then re-entering a resume worth of Employment History and Education Skills while requiring the applicant to submit their resume.

Solution : On-page Resume Extraction

Candidates can upload their resume, which is then extracted and all relevant information is entered into the application form. The candidate can then verify correctness and completeness. Faster then an applicant manually entering everything.

8. My LinkedIn profile has all this information

Serious candidates leverage their LinkedIn profiles, leverage their social profile. Value a candidate’s time, let them Apply with LinkedIn.

Solution : Apply with LinkedIn

Candidates use Apply with LinkedIn and all relevant information is entered into the application form. Candidates can also upload their resume, verify correctness and completeness. The applicant’s LinkedIn profile is used to create an account in Deskflow Enterprise immediately.

9. I’ve applied now what?

Communication between recruiter and candidate is critical. A candidate should know what will happen next. Will they be contacted? Can they apply to more positions? Has their account been created?

Solution : Communicate and Provide Choices

Once Deskflow Career Center processes applicant submission, the client can specify their own thank you page(s) or configure Deskflow Career Center thank you page that can provide a link to job listings or account sign-in. Keep the applicant engaged.

The Deskflow Career Center enables your candidates to interact with your business, learn more about how our job board / candidate career portal engages your potential applicants and candidates.