Attracting Quality Candidates

Attracting quality candidates to your website is hard enough, your job board / candidate career portal should not frustrate potential applications. Search engine marketing is an important component in attracting quality candidates and the Deskflow Career Center will compliment your recruitment search engine marketing and staffing search engine optimization.

A completely under utilized portion of most websites is the job board. Job board postings / candidate career portal opportunities are written to attract potential candidates, this means they are relevant, well written and highly informative for applicants searching for a career opportunity. We have been assisting Deskflow Career Center candidates to maximize the search engine marketing value of all their postings.

Shortening the Applicant Application Process

How many website page links should a candidate click to apply?


Reducing the number of clicks reduces applicant abandonment. The fewest number of clicks that can be achieved is 1. For full job board / candidate career portal functionality, the fewest number of clicks that can be achieved is 2.

To achieve 1 click applicant application, you need Deskflow Enterprise as our end to end recruitment management solution. Book a demonstration today and learn how you can shorten your candidate apply for job opportunity steps to 1.

Apply for a Job in 2 Clicks

Typical job boards have the following steps:

  1. Enter Job Board. Clicking a link on the main menu. It should ideally be a top level menu item or at least in a menu dropdown.
  2. Search for Job. Search by keyword, industry, location, etc. Will the search form frustrate applicants?
  3. Job Listing. Listing of jobs matching search criteria or returns all jobs available. Will the job listing page frustrate potential candidates?
  4. Job Description / Job Detail. Displays a full job description and prominently displays an Apply Now button.
  5. Apply with Existing or Create New Account. A mandatory step if you want candidates to be able to update their own profiles / accounts.
  6. Application Form. Multi-step / wizard applications forms take longer for candidates to complete.