Job Order Definition

  • Define Position Info
  • Define Skills Required
  • Define Work teams
  • Define Client teams
  • Define Billing details

Interactive Web-Site Form

  • Preview & edit Form
  • Post Interactive Form

Candidate Job Applications

  • Search for Jobs Available
  • Select Job(s) of interest
  • Complete Registration Form
  • Paste Cover letter, Attach Resume
  • Complete Skills & Experience Questionnaire
  • Complete General Questionnnaire
  • Submit Form(s)

Auto-process Candidate Applications

  • Detect and manage duplicates
  • Reject faulty applications
  • Email acknowledgements
  • Auto-insert in Ad Respondents List
  • Auto-update Candidate Profiles

Search for additional Candidates

  • Conduct Database Search
  • Review Benchmark Candidates
  • Select Target Companies to Search
  • Identify Sources and their Referrals
  • Record Internal Candidates

Candidate Pre-Screening

  • Review Candidate Lists
  • Collect info on Candidates
  • Select Candidates for screening
  • Contact and filter Candidates
  • Mass email to unsuccesful candidates

Candidate Interviews

  • Manage pre-screening interviews
  • Record interview results
  • Present selected list to Hiring Manager
  • Manage Interview process
  • Record Interview Results

Candidate Placement

  • Select short List of candidates
  • Conduct reference and credential checks
  • Make placement of final candidate(s)
  • Auto-set hands-off indicator on placement
  • Auto-release candidate blocks
  • Create client invoice(s)
  • Make satisfaction and warranty calls

Manage Candidate Talent Pool

  • Review general candidate applications
  • Auto-extract candidate skills & job history
  • Interview, test and rank candidates
  • Record interview results, test scores and assesments
  • Encourage candidates to maintain their own profiles


  • Manage billings and accounts receivable
  • Add and delete users and workgroups
  • Monitor database backup procedures
  • Install software upgrades
  • Perform database optimization processes