Job Orders / Requisitions

Deskflow Enterprise manages and coordinates the hiring of full-time staff for Corporate HR Departments in global enteprises. It can also make Recruiters and Consultants in Staffing agencies more productive in filling full-time, temporary and contract positions. Finally, Deskflow Enterprise can manage the complex process used by retained Executive Search firms to identify and place key executives within their client organizations.
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Interactive Web-Sites

Deskflow Enterprise offers a leap forward in productivity for recruiters. After accurately defining the quantitative requirements of open job positions, Deskflow automatically designs and creates the required web-application forms that potential candidates can respond to via a web-browser. Results are automatically processed and posted into the Deskflow database, and appended to the relevant job orders. At the same time, the quantitative data intelligently updates existing or newly created candidate skill profiles.
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Applicant Processing

Deskflow Enterprise automatically processes incoming candidate application forms. It checks for duplicates, intelligently extracts and indexes resume content, updates candidate profiles and skill sets, sends email receipts to candidates, embeds resumes in the database, full-text indexes cover letters and resumes, and provides lists of incoming candidates.
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Candidate Management

Deskflow Enterprise provides recruiters with superb online tools for managing and searching a centralised database of candidates. Information is accumulated for Biographical data, Activity History, Planned Activities, Interview history, Education, Personal Notes, Documents, Resumes, Cover letters, Lists, Referrals, References and Personal Networks. Communicate with candidates using the integrated e-mail system that automatically records all e-mails in candidate profiles, as well as in your private Outlook folders.
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List Management

Deskflow Enterprise provides powerful list management features. The results of any search can be saved in user customisable public and private hierarchical folders. These lists can be merged, copied, used as input to reports, job orders, mass-mail merges, and bulk email.
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Client Relationship Management

Deskflow Enterprise has superb client relationship management capabilities: it tracks all interactions and communications with clients, prospects and contacts. Complex corporate, business and personal networks and relationships can be created, and used for marketing and sales activities. Workteams within you organisation always have up-to-date information available, and can work from the same page. Group diaries and calendars keep all tasks and appointments on track. Integrated email and documents makes it easy to communicate with clients.
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Contact Manager

Effective and timely communication with business contacts enhances relationships and provides a knowledge source for future sales and marketing activities. Leverage your information by sharing it with others in your own organization. Increase organizational effectiveness by using the Deskflow integrated e-mail system that automatically records all e-mails in shareable contact and candidate profiles, as well as in your private Outlook folders. Keep the ball rolling by using the integrated group scheduling system to efficiently book meetings and schedule follow-up tasks.
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Easily and Quickly Search the whole Database

The easy-to-use search forms in Deskflow can be quickly mastered by everyone in your organization. Find the needle in the haystack using the advanced, customizable Boolean Power Search facility. Build a catalog of low-level queries that can then be combined in the Power Search module into advanced high-level. Catalog useful Power Search forms in a library of re-usable forms. Save the results of any search in customizable lists for others to use in mailings, reports, emails and job orders.
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Executive Search Projects

Retained Executive Search firms can use the Projects module to manage the search for high-level executive candidates. Deskflow handles the contractual, workteam assignment, and billing functions. Internal researchers have a module to find, target and source candidates, then filter these for further processing by client consultants. External Contract Researchers can use s standalone “Briefcase” module. Hands-off Candidate checks prevent conflicts of interest. Pre-screening interviews, reference checking and client interviews are managed. Final placement of the selected candidate is effected, and all documents related to the search are archived.
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Integrated E-Mail & Document Management

Interactive communication with candidates and contacts is made easy with the integrated word processing and e-mailing capabilities of Deskflow. Select a list of people, and with one click do a bulk email to them all. Auto-record all document and email activity in Candidate and Job Order profiles. This keeps all users on the same page. Do mass-mailings to selected lists of people. Utilize a library of 50 or more common document templates, or build more with the integrated temlate builder.
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Group Scheduling and Calendars

Coordinate all meetings and follow-up tasks for all users in your organization with the integrated Group Scheduler in Deskflow. Tie meetings and tasks to contacts, job orders, projects and candidates. When a meeting or task is complete, record the results in activity history, and plan followup tasks.
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Report Creation and Execution

Deskflow has an integrated Report Designer to build and catalog custom reports. The integrated Report Writer will excute, preview and print reports on any Deskflow workstation connected remotely or locally the the database. Eighty reports are included with the standard release of Deskflow.
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Administrative Utilities

Deskflow has a. multi-purpose Administration utility that can be used remotely to set up new users, create and modify workgroups, assign workgroup permissions, edit drop-down lists, and build low-level queries for the Power Search moduled.
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