Interactive communication with candidates and contacts is made easy with the integrated word processing and e-mailing capabilities of Deskflow. Select a list of people, and with one click do a bulk email to them all. Auto-record all document and email activity in Candidate and Job Order profiles. This keeps all users on the same page. Do mass-mailings to selected lists of people. Utilize a library of 50 or more common document templates, or build more with the integrated temlate builder.

  • Integrated document creation and archiving using MS Word
  • Build and use an integrated catalogue of standard Word templates
  • Mail-merge database content using templates
  • Mass mail merge lists with pre-built templates
  • Auto-email from within Deskflow to one or many recipients.
  • Embed sent email in the database for better co-ordination between users
  • Selectively attach and embed inbound email to candidates or contacts
  • Email is MAPI compliant. Works with Outlook and Lotus Notes Mail 5
  • Email works with both Internet Mail and MS Exchange