Deskflow Enterprise offers a leap forward in productivity for recruiters. After accurately defining the quantitative requirements of open job positions, Deskflow automatically designs and creates the required web-application forms that potential candidates can respond to via a web-browser. Results are automatically processed and posted into the Deskflow database, and appended to the relevant job orders. At the same time, the quantitative data intelligently updates existing or newly created candidate skill profiles.

  • Deskflow Enterprise publishes open Positions and Job Orders to multiple web-sites.
  • Candidates can search for open Positions and Job Orders using a web browser
  • Preview & edit each Position description, location, skill requirements & questionnaire.
  • Post dynamically created, multi-part web-form to a selectable web-site.
  • Inter-active sub-forms for: mandatory biographical data & resume, optional skills and quantitative data, optional questionnaire (unique to each Position or Job Order)
  • Web-forms for contacts & candidates to manage their own profiles & employment history