The easy-to-use search forms in Deskflow can be quickly mastered by everyone in your organization. Find the needle in the haystack using the advanced, customizable Boolean Power Search facility. Build a catalog of low-level queries that can then be combined in the Power Search module into advanced high-level. Catalog useful Power Search forms in a library of re-usable forms. Save the results of any search in customizable lists for others to use in mailings, reports, emails and job orders.

  • Search for People, Companies and Orders in easy-to-use Query forms
  • Use advanced query form for more advanced searches
  • Build and catalog powerful Boolean search forms
  • Searches return lists that can be pasted into Job Orders or Project Searches
  • Results of a search is always a browsable list that can be save and re-used
  • Use search result lists to do mass mailing, reports, email campaigns