Integrated Hiring Management

Deskflow Enteprise is a complete system that incorporates all the functionality for Enterprise-wide Hiring Management. The system handles Corporate HR applications, Agency Staffing Applications (Direct Hire, Temporary Hire and Contract services), and Executive Search firm requirements.

Order Management

Deskflow supports Direct Hire orders, long-term Contract orders, short term Assigments and Executive Search projects.

Multi-Branch Operation

Deskflow Enterprise is a high-performance, distributed application that will service multiple sites or branches within an Enterprise. Deskflow supports either one central database, or multiple databases that synchronise periodically. Deskflow also supports multiple independent databases in one server. This feature can be used for ASP-type applications: one copy of the software runs multiple independent systems – one per Deskflow Client.

Resume Content Extraction

Accept resumes from e-mail or file. Extract vital information directly from the resume such as name, address, phone, e-mail address, skills and employment history. Auto-generate candidate profiles from the resume.

Searching, Matching and Ranking

Easily perform searches with basic and advanced level Query Forms. Build and catalog your own powerful Boolean queries, using multiple criteria for complex searches. Review the search results as lists, then print, save or export list data in a variety of formats.

Deskflow Enterprise’s advanced search technology examines your candidate and job database to fill available job orders with qualified candidates. Using common day-to-day searching criteria Deskflow Enterprise’s search engines retrieve desired information quickly and efficiently. In addition to defined fields and extracted skills, Deskflow Enterprise can search original resume information, notes and comments for any word combination.

Integrated Contact Manager

Link and integrate all planned activities with Users’ diaries. Completed actions will auto-update all the links to Candidates, Clients, Contacts, Job Orders, Interviews and Placements.

Mail-merge Microsoft Word documents from within Deskflow. Archive all merged documents in the database, linked to the relevant person, job order or client. Review, print or e-mail any Word document or resume to any contact or candidate in your database, retaining a historical record of all activity. Catalog and full-text index multiple resumes and cover letters for each candidate. Email multiple resumes to Hiring Managers from within a Job Order.

Interactive Web-Site for Jobs and Candidate Applications

Specify unique skills required for each Job Order, then auto-post searchable job orders to your web-site. Using a browser, Candidates can respond to auto-generated application forms and attach their resumes. Completed Candidate application forms are processed automatically, duplicates are detected, then acceptable applications are posted into the Deskflow database. Candidate applications appear in the relevant Job Order lists. Candidate skills and quantified expderience are auitomatically added or merged with each Candidate’s skills profile.

Customisable Reports, Queries & Templates

Use Deskflow Enterprise’s user-defined fields to customise your installation for your specific needs. With over 100 pre-programmed reports, start managing your business more effectively. Customise reports for your unique requirements.

Form Letters

Create familiar Microsoft Word documents using templates that allows you to merge your Client, Contact, Candidate and Job Order information automatically. You can then e-mail the resulting document directly from Deskflow Enterprise.


Record time worked for temp or contract workers, by day or week, to specific Job/Work Orders. Enter work-related notes or performance comments for the person placed. Generate invoices from the time sheet entries and placement billing rates.

Back Office Accounting Integration

Deskflow Enterprise includes a Billing and Payments module. Invoices are issued from Deskflow using customisable Word templates. Reports are provided to show aged accounts receivable, and client account status. Integrated Timesheet forms capture and process Contractor time-slip data.

Customisable data export procedures can send data to your own back office accounting systems.

An integrated Accounting and Payroll system (Business Vision) is planned for 2002.

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

Deskflow Enterprise is compatible with the Windows operating systems including XP/Vista/Windows 7 . For best performance we recommend the use of the latest Microsoft Windows operating system.

Enterprise: Windows Terminal Services, Citrix

Deskflow Enterprise is a distributed client, web-enabled enterprise application that works independently of Windows Terminal Services.

However, Deskflow Enterprise can be used with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services in those situations where a client is already using WTS.