Deskflow Enterprise Mobile

Deskflow Enterprise Mobile integrates and compliments our Deskflow Enterprise integrated hiring management solution, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

Retain easy access to critical Deskflow Enterprise information on the go. Deskflow Enterprise Mobile provides secure access for RIM Blackberry devices (or any device powered by Java) and Windows Mobile PDA devices. iPhone and Android smart phone, iPad and Android tablet users connect via mobile web browser.

For recruiters on the go, the ability to stay connected with their Deskflow Enterprise database to retrieve contact information and update Activity Histories on the go and when things are fresh in the mind rather then back at the office maximizes time and efficiency.

Deskflow Enterprise Mobile Features

Deskflow Enterprise Mobile already provides Smart Phone / tablet / PDA friendly versions of many Deskflow modules.

  • Email or phone a Contact, logging activity in database
  • Search for and view lists of contacts or candidates
  • View profile of selected contact or candidate
  • Search for and view a list of My Projects
  • For each Project, view the list of candidates
  • For any candidate, view the profile
  • View text versions of candidate resumes that have been imported and processed
  • Update notes, activity histories, and task lists

Cellular data networks, while improving, usually suffer from slow data transfer speeds and poor connectivity increasing disconnections. The Deskflow Enterprise Mobile application was developed with these constraints and realities in mind, techniques were utilized to minimize unnecessary data transfer or re-requesting the same unchanged information and auto-reconnection when an unplanned disconnection occurs.

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As the power and capabilities of mobile communication devices increase, so will the ability to make available more of the powerful features of executive search software solutions. If mobile capabilities are essential, the following questions are an excellent place to begin.

  • How simplified is the vendor’s mobile solution compared to their non-mobile offering. What information is available, what information is not?
  • Can a candidate’s resume be view on the mobile device?
  • How well does the vendor’s mobile solution handle poor cellular provider data transfer speeds?
  • Is the data being transferred secured / encrypted?
  • Which mobile computing platforms does the vendor support? iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.
  • What are the infrastructure costs to most effectively deploy the vendor’s mobile solution?