End to End Recruitment Mgmt.

End to End Recruitment Management

Sales/Marketing and Recruitment with one application

Intuitive Interface

Manage Candidates, Contacts, Hospitals/Clinics, Job Order/Recruitment Process and Business Development with screens designed for Medical Recruiting including Multiple Specialties, Licensing and Credentialing, Hospital Profiles and Job Orders

Integration & Collaboration

Integration and Collaboration

Match Candidates to open days with built-in Scheduler for Locum Tenens and Contract Assignments

Customer Relationship Management

Integrated Outlook e-mail and Skype correspondence

Resume parsing, Outlook and Excel import eliminate time consuming data entry

Transforming Data into Knowledge

Transforming Data into Knowledge

Visual Relationship Management

Integrated view of corporate hierarchies and organizations

Personal and Social Networks

“Who Knows Who” references and referrals

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Deskflow Enterprise is a mature, robust, time-tested recruiting software solution.

Deskflow Enterprise Medical extends the functionality and capabilities for Medical recruitment, Physician recruitment and Healthcare recruitment enabling our medical recruitment software solution to meet your requirements and be tailored to your business process.

Mobile Access for Apple, BlackBerry, Android

Real time access – wherever you are – you are never out of touch

  • Power – Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Flexibility – Customization of reports, templates, screens, etc.
  • Integration – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, third-party applications
  • Scalable – Proven for global implementation
  • Web Access – All you need is the Internet and a PC

Medical Recruitment

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